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The Family Ark is available at this time and ready for shipment this Christmas. It includes: Noah’s entire family, rabbits, bears, pigs, quail, eagles, apes, goats, loons, giraffes, monkeys, frogs, bats, herons, lady bugs, doves, bumble bees, snakes, seals, humming birds, camels, lions, eagles and turkeys. $2100

Nativity includes: Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus, wise man, sheep, rooster, sheep ,and angel with star and the cresh. 6x14x12 $250
The Family Ark $2100 10 x 22x 18
  Santas left to right. Tall skinny Santa 2x3x13
Short Santa 2x3.5 x 7.5
Sneeking green Santa
4 x 5x 10.5 $275

Mrs. Santa with black cat and apples. 4 x 5 x 11
    Santa Tree. He has gathered is friends in the forest to wish them a Merry Christmas. 4x22x19 $375

Barn yard stack includes cow, pig and ram.4x8x 10 $145

Large Dominique rooster 8x5x16

French rooster orange,red and black. 5x8x13

Small Scotty Dog
3x8x6 $60

Standing Boston Terrier

Large Jack Russel with ball.